Obtaining A Licence

The Licencing and Regulation Division (LRD) of Victoria Police are responsible for the administration and processing of all new firearms permits and licences, the firearms registry and the enforcement of the Firearms Act 1996.

There are a number of steps required in obtaining your licence:

  • Safety Course
  • Membership of Registered Organisation
  • Licence Application
  • Photo and Payment

 Safety Course

Safety courses are conducted by your local District Firearms Officer 4612092404(DFO) through your nearest Victoria Police station. A registration form is available on the LRD website, at you local station or can be picked up at the club. The safety course will cover safe handling, firing and storage of your firearm and ammunition. At the completion of the safety course you will receive a certificate of completion to include with your licence application.

Membership of Registered Organisation

To obtain a firearms licence you must have a genuine reason for holding one. Membership of a registered organisation for the purpose of sports shooting is a genuine reason. The Metropolitan Clay Target Club is a registered organisation for the purpose of licence genuine reason. Once you have paid your membership fees and received your membership card, obtain a certified copy of your card to include with your licence application.

 Licence Application

There are a number of firearms licence application forms depending on the type of firearm you wish to shoot. As our range is only for shotguns, ie longarms, a Category A licence only is required. Complete the application with as much information as possible, remembering you will be required to supply a reference from someone who has known you for more than 12 months and is employed in a particular role as specified on the application. If you require help completing the application please ask the office or a committee member for help. Once you have completed and posted the application to LRD there is a mandatory waiting period of 28 days, combined with time for processing and postage means you should allow around 6 weeks before you will receive your paper copy licence in the mail.

Photo and Payment

When you receive your paper copy licence in the mail take this with your payment to any Westpac branch to pay the licence fee. The Westpac officer will stamp the licence as paid and give you a receipt. Take this receipt with the paper licence to any Vicroads office and they will take your photo for your final licence card. The licence card will then be sent in the mail in around two weeks. In the meantime you are able to use your paper copy licence to purchase a firearm or shoot until it arrives.