Types of Clay Target Shooting

Clay target competition is conducted in four basic disciplines – Trap, Skeet, Tower and Sporting Clays.

Trap is further divided into ISSF Trap, ISSF Double Trap, Ball Trap and Down The Line (DTL) Shooting. DTL further divides into:
– Double Barrel (DB);
– Double Barrel Point Score (DB Points);
– Single Barrel (SB);
– Double Barrel Handicap (HCP);
– Double Rise (DR);
– Deauville Doubles.

Skeet divides into two disciplines – ISSF Skeet, American Skeet and Skeet Doubles.

Sporting Clays are divided into 5 Stand and traditional Sporting Clays.

Detailed rules of all disciplines are laid out in the ACTA Rules Book, available at the club office, but a description of each discipline shot at Metropolitan is included in the following pages.