Range Safety & Etiquette


 Safety can never be stressed too much, and a firearm should always be treated as loaded unless seen to be different. You, the individual, become the safety catch of all firearms and everything else on the firearm becomes a mechanical device. It is therefore essential that safe firearm handling becomes the first rule for all participants.

 1. Treat any firearm with the respect due to a loaded gun.

2. Never point a firearm in fun or jest.

3. Carry the firearm so that you can control the barrel even if you stumble.

4. Become the safety catch of the firearm.

5. Load the firearm only when it is your turn to shoot.

6. Always unload when the red flag is shown or at the referee’s command.

7. Ensure you have the correct calibre cartridge for the gun in use.

8. Do not play with or modify firearm mechanisms.

9. If a firearm misfires keep the barrels to the front and wait for the referee.

10. Firearms and alcohol do not, and never will, mix.

Safety is your responsibility, not someone else’s


Shooting Etiquette – Competition & Practice

 1. Club Presidents and Committees are honorary, they respect your constructive criticism and expect your assistance and cooperation.

2. When in competition it is your responsibility to ascertain your squad and layout and be on time.

3. While on the tracks, respect the other shooters’ rights to perform without interference.

4. In the Trap discipline, do not move from your track until the shooter on your right has shot, and always unload after shooting station five before returning to station one. Only close your gun when it is your turn to shoot.

5. In the Skeet discipline, only load when you are on the shooting station, unload before leaving the station and only load one shell on station eight for each of the high house and low house targets.

6. Remain on the layout in your shooting track until the last shooter has finished.

7. Dress in a neat, clean and tidy manner. This includes no camouflage clothing.

8. Always respect the referee’s and/or the range officer’s decisions.